Welcome Chelsea!

Earlier this year MMNH’s Board of Directors was pleased to gavel in Chelsea Bailey, local maker with a passion for upcycling. If you have been involved with any of our working groups you already know Chelsea because she contributes time and ideas to each of them! She also was a hit at our last two open-air demos, helping our younger booth visitors to work found objects and fabric into crafts they could take home.

We caught up with Chelsea in Slack to ask about her personal vision for Making Matters:

Q: What was the thing that hooked you when you first learned about the idea of a Makerspace in Concord?

I was hooked when I first met Laura and heard her ideas for the space. At the time I had been talking to a personal friend/mentor about starting my own creative reuse business. I’d been out of school a few years, trying different jobs here and there, but wanting to find a way to put my lifelong passion for crafting and DIY to use. I see the makerspace as an opportunity to learn new skills, share my own, but most importantly as a community where I can connect with like-minded individuals and find the support I need to invest in myself and my passion for creative reuse.

I am slowly working on building my own brand (follow @zentangent on Instagram!), but love having an external project with the opportunity to help create this makerspace that will really improve the whole community. 

Q: What type of making have you most wanted to try, that you would dive into if we offered it?

I work mainly with paper, fabric, plastic, and occasionally wood, so it feels like metal would be a natural next step. I would love to learn basic welding techniques so my creative reuse can expand to work with reclaimed metals.

Q: If we ever do a live event on stage, what should your walk-on music be?

Aubrey Logan – Pistol

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