MMNH News: Fourth general meeting provides more insights!

If you want to satisfy the roving telecommuter, it turns out you need more than coffee and an exposed brick wall.

Each time we hold a general information session, we not only have a chance to share our progress with Concord, we get to hear the insights and needs of an new, impromptu panel of residents, representatives of other community groups, and potential members. At this our fourth open meeting, we learned of an urgent need of the local telecommuting and freelancing residents: a co-working space with more than one electrical outlet!

Without naming any of the local alternatives that offer coffee and food, tables and WiFi, we did hear a bitter litany of otherwise well-loved spaces that would be great if you weren’t working in fear of your laptop battery running down. Joking aside, with the rising generations participating more and more in the “gig” economy, there are many reasons why you might want to take your work to a new base for inspiration. “If you have an annoying roommate…” began one attendee with feeling. “Entrepreneurs often feel isolated in the community.” opined a knowledgeable board member . Maybe if your partner’s conference call intrudes into the space of your own call, its going to make some waves. (Don’t ask me how I know this.) Perhaps you’d like to immerse yourself in your Powerpoint without having to calculate the minimum number of times you must buy more coffee to justify hogging a whole table? Would a small but well-buffered conference room come in handy? Could you more easily focus on the blog post you want to write if you weren’t within sight of the towering pile of laundry/game of chicken you are engaged in? Happily, a coworking space can help with all of these issues and is one of many things we hope to offer Concord in the near future.

Aside from underlining how welcome a gathering place to create would be, this meeting netted other helpful contributions. Several newly retired persons voiced their desire to pass on skills and take on new projects they never had time for. A social justice warrior suggested the value of an impact hub for people longing to gather and collaborate. And while the board already hoped to make the makerspace as green as possible, we were able to confirm how passionately our attendees agreed with this model. Finally, while we are hoping to help new entreprises succeed, we were able to reassure the room that we were in no hurry to push them beyond a comfortable pace; rather, we wanted to be a “no failure space!” and provide a haven for anyone working or creating, with or without challenges, as long as they wanted to be there.

Our next general meeting won’t be until after the holidays, however, we do look to hold at least one class before the year ends. Please keep watching this blog and subscribe to our newsletter if you are not already receiving it. While we welcome new volunteers, you are welcome at our open meetings just to find out what is going on and make suggestions… or drop us a line at

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