“You are in the right place”

1 Million Cups Central NH promotes women’s entrepreneurship at December meetup.

“Couch Sales” for when your customers are prevented from shopping by several feet of snow. Free marketing from your squad of Instagram followers who send pics of the fun they are having in your store’s apparel. Social media fan or not, small businesses owners can’t afford to ignore it. This month’s first presenter, Elyssa Alfieri has made it a priority to harness social media …  self-promotion being critical if you are in a tucked-away location on Storr’s Street. Elyssa , owner of upscale consignment and vintage shop, Lilise Designer Resale, discussed the role social media plays in the success of her small business and the time she dedicates to it each day.

Elyssa also praised the supportive atmosphere for small businesses in Concord, where she noted women largely power the current businesses on Main St.. Another tip for the audience: don’t worry about being too old to take part in the Concord Young Professionals network! She’s found support at CYPN and other networking events around the city and appreciates New Hampshire’s business climate.  

Our second presenter, Crystal Reynolds of 43 Degrees North, focused on defining and pursuing your market niche. Most of us can relate to how hard it is to go. to. the. gym.  What sets this club apart is how focused they are on removing every barrier and excuse for coming. They strive for a varied but homelike array of studios for different purposes (including lounging) and if you go AWOL, their trainers will call you to show support get you back to the gym! Forgetting your shampoo is not a valid excuse to turn the car around because they will provide it (and towels, and razors). In addition to caring about their clients they also care about the world; their cardio equipment actually takes the human energy that goes into it, converts it to electricity, and feeds it back into the grid. Additionally, all of their cleaning products and items for sale are environmentally friendly. An audience member pointed out that she would choose 43 Degree North because she appreciates what they’re doing to support the environment.

1 Million Cups Central NH provides a space for an array of local business to talk about what they’re doing with our caffeinated crew. We’re looking for presenters looking to talk about the challenges they face as an entrepreneur and how they solve the problems they encounter each day. 1 Million Cups provides an opportunity to polish your presentations skills, get feedback on your idea, and engage in a conversation with a diverse audience that wants to entrepreneurs and local businesses. Everyone is welcome to attend 1 Million Cups events regardless of background. The monthly event is free and open to the public, and we provide the coffee.

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