Is free always good?

1MillionCups of Central NH kicked off 2020 with a presentation by a growing business but also, a purely creative, cultural venture.   Sindy Chown, who was born in Venezuela and now makes Concord her home, already has a career as a medical interpreter and Zumba instructor. She is not interested in monetizing the lovely native forms of Latin American dance that … Read More

Sharing the Fun

Hey Making Matters fans; I goofed. This installment of our 1MillionCups entrepreneur presentations was over a month ago, but I was so intrigued by our speaker (Mark Hayes of Highland Mountain Bike Park) and his vision of getting more people into the sport that I was going to follow up and spend a day on the hill and make that … Read More

Grasping Fusion 360

Our presentation on this seriously buff software Making Matters was pleased to conduct its first software class this spring with a practical overview and tutorial in Fusion 360, Autodesk’s high- powered application for designing objects to be ported to multiple CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine environments such as 3D printers and milling machines. While novices to these tools typically start … Read More

“I’m willing to go right up to the precipice.”

This month’s presenting entrepreneur relates his cheerful plunge into hospitality, social goodness, and fun If your eatery had won more than one NH Mag “Best of NH” or Hippo “Reader’s Pick” award, you would probably start trying to figure out where you should open your second location. 1MillionCups of Central NH’s March presenter Daniel Lagueux had a different next great … Read More

“Biophilia” at 1Million Cups

Our February presenters both promote a healthier you Last Wednesday as the audience at 1MillionCups of Central NH settled down with their coffee, our first presenter invited us to close our eyes and picture the place where we were happiest. Marlena Sevigney, the creative mind behind Mindful Making, then pointed out that most if not all of us had pictured … Read More

Road trip: Mancos, Colorado

In which our web host takes out his hostilities on hot metal The Wild West conjures up many things in our imaginations: sunsets behind tall red mesas, tumbleweeds, rough mining towns where folks are parted from their wages. For John Cassel, rugged individualist and DIYer who hosts our website, a trip to the Durango, Colorado area included hiking, the historic … Read More

An idea at the crossroads

This month 1MillionCups hosted a pair of inventors with a great idea and an unclear path ahead. Hal Koch, a hiking devotee, and William Haskett, a local maker, presented their Personal Assistive Lift. This device, which Hal demonstrated for the audience, gives those vulnerable to falls the gift of enjoying the outdoors, even rough terrain, secure in the knowledge that … Read More

Road Trip: Portsmouth!

In which the secretary of the board faces off with the table saw at the Port City Makerspace In The Breakfast Club, Anthony Michael Hall’s character makes the unfortunate calculation that taking shop will give him an easy A. I personally found shop not easy but TERRIFYING . Concerned that my elephant light wouldn’t turn on when I pulled the … Read More

MMNH News: Our first food event!

Ghana and Nar Sharma, frequent contributors to the Concord Multicultural Festival, share their love of momo with a hungry audience. Momos. Delectable delicate wrapped morsels from the Himalayas. You could watch a video online to learn how to make them… but why do that, when you could sit back with other Concord foodies and watch the experienced hands of Ghana … Read More

“You are in the right place”

1 Million Cups Central NH promotes women’s entrepreneurship at December meetup. “Couch Sales” for when your customers are prevented from shopping by several feet of snow. Free marketing from your squad of Instagram followers who send pics of the fun they are having in your store’s apparel. Social media fan or not, small businesses owners can’t afford to ignore it. … Read More