Our prototyping and electronics shop is available for the casual hobbyist that just wants to 3D print fun stuff or the inventor looking to test drive a mockup of their idea… and everyone in between. We offer weekly checkouts on our equipment and frequent classes in a range of topics from Soldering for Electronics and Developing in the Arduino IDE.


  • Qidi Dual Extruder 3D printer with a build volume of 9.1”x5.9”x5.9”
  • Qidi Large Volume 3D printer: print items up to 11.8”x9.8”x11.8′ ! (helmets, anyone?)
  • Glowforge laser cutter for beginner friendly precision cutting and artistic expression
  • An Orion laser cutter with a 20 x 28″ inch bed and Z axis capabilities
  • Hot air rework station and soldering iron with microscope
  • 4 channel oscilloscopes (digital and analog)
  • 5 gallon resin casting pressure pot
  • 360 F hot wire cutter