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Making Matters NH is raising money to support our mission to bring a maker space to Concord. We are looking for monetary and in-kind donations. We are now in the process of choosing a building for the makerspace, and we are engaging our local community to identify the equipment that we will purchase that best support the needs of the region's makers.

We are a volunteer-run organization and appreciate all the support that we can get. Your donation will help us get started as a nonprofit, with the construction and updating of our future building, and to purchase equipment to create a wood shop, commercial kitchen, electronics lab, welding space, and numerous other pieces of equipment. If you have a piece of equipment that you would like to donate or you would like to make a donation towards a specific piece of equipment or part of our makerspace, please reach out to us; we’ll be happy to work with you.

If you have any questions and want more information, don’t hesitate to send us an email.


Making Matters NH exists through the passionate work of our volunteers handling tasks large and small. You can check in as your schedule permits for help with one-offs, or join one (or more) of our work groups:

Work room full of tools

Workspace Inspiration - Courtesy our friends at the Manchester Makerspace

Space & Equipment Work Group

Metal Fab, powder coating, or both? Is one mitre saw enough? Does this available building offer the ventilation needed by ceramics, and will the wiring support welders being used at the same time as, well, anything else? Making Matters needs people who can help choose the fabrication centers for our first space and make sure they are safe, well-equipped, and are what people want. We need people to do research, and visit potential sites. We also anticipate needing to frame some walls, build some ramps, even install bathrooms. Finally, once the makerspace is up and running, we will be in need of crafters, tool gurus, code warriors and chefs to teach classes and volunteer on the floor. Pressed for time but still want to help? Visit our brainstorming page to weigh in on the equipment or just join our mailing list, and we will let you know when we need people with mops and brooms in advance of opening day.


Outreach & Member Relations Work Group

Hurray, you found our website! Can you help us reach the rest of greater Concord, and potential friends beyond? The Outreach group masterminds and staffs our awareness events, writes our newsletters and press releases and yes, built this site. We are looking to build a network of future members, volunteers, and teachers. If talking to strangers makes you nervous, you can still help by talking to your friends about this exciting coming space, or asking your grocery store if you can tack one of our flyers to their bulletin board. All the cool tools in the world mean nothing without friends and members which brings us to…


Fundraising Work Group

OK, this isn't anyone's favorite job. (But if it’s yours, we definitely want to hear from you!) Folks, although we will have incoming fees from various levels of membership to sustain us, we can't open our doors for the first time without help from donors large and small. We also want to offer scholarships to classes and reduced fee memberships to people that qualify. Everyone can help in small ways by sharing our initiatives on social media, or by giving that one dollar text donation that pushes us over the edge on the NHGives campaign, or asking their employers with matching funds to donate. We also need people to roll up their sleeves and run our various drives. If you are an experienced grant writer or corporate liaison, or are willing to learn these skills, your assistance is most welcome.